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Artience Lighting
Intra Lighting
from USA

Artience Lighting

Artience Lighitng, is fascinated with creation of unique and exquisite luminaires. Not only are they beauty by design, their fixtures will enhance a space by providing light, improving health, the environment and general well-being. Artience Lighting has a goal to develop, design and produce lighting fixtures that can actually help people learn better, be more productive, sleep more soundly and live healthier. Their dedication does note stop there, they also have a full line of sound control fixtures. “Why just make a light when you can make art?”
from USA & Slovenia

Intra Lighting

Intra Lighting, a manufacturer established in 1989 that has become internationally recognized for their performance luminaires, smart technology and chic design. Whether looking to enhance architectural detail or make a statement, Intra Lighting fixtures are sophisticated yet timeless to become your prominent lighting solution.

Acoustic Inspiration

Futon Family

Futon – 24 1/16″ Diameter & 47 7/8″ Diameter

Acousto Family

Acousto Round 37 13/32″ Diameter & 53 5/32″ Diameter
Acousto Square  52 15/16″ x 52 15/16″
Acousto Rectangle 147 3/8″ x 52 15/16″