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A.A.G. Stucchi is an Italian based company founded in the 1950s by Aristide, Arturo and Giuseppe Stucchi.  Staying on top of the lighting market for over 70 years, Stucchi produces “Made in Italy” quality components and is known to be a reliable partner to collaborate and create lighting solutions for any project.  Stucchi offers uniquely engineered, multi-system track lighting that allow full customization, simplicity of installation and use, while providing magnetic system elements, without the use of tools.  We are considered “The Anything Track People”

Based in California, Abra Lighitng has been illuminating our lives wth innovative, contemporary fixtures since 2016.  An extensive range of lighting design, Abra has been at the forefront of sleek, modern style fixtures that are of high quality and elevate the overall ambiance of your space.  Coming into the lighting world, Abra understand that each space is unique in design, and offers full custom capabilities within their manufacturing plant, to bring you custom fixtures tailored for your project.

Academy Light is a manufacturer that specializes in art lighting.  With the ability to add evenly distributed light by using a unique combination of lensed LED heads that can be customized to suit any decorative piece, no matter size or shape.

Canadian Company

The team at AKG Products are technology driven creators of value conscious, specification grade, lighting products.

As a Canadian manufacturer, they take pride in their ability to offer engineered lighting solutions that out perform the expectations of their clients.

A great partner to assist in bringing your vision to light.


Allied Maker was founded in 2012, as a garage woodworking studio by Lanette and Ryder Rizzo, on the North Shore of Long Island, NY. The manufacturer has since then grown to deliver artisan crafted, highly designed, sophisticated lighting solutions.  Each fixture is crafted with natural materials such as thick gauge brass, American hardwoods, and hand-blown glass, individually finished by hand to create richly textured signature pieces that were made in-house from start to finish.  Allowing you to tailor and modify each fixture to best suit your design.  Fixtures that were made with love!

Apparatus was founded in 2012 by Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson.  Based in New York, this design studio creates beautiful works of art by incorporating individual pieces as artifacts, to reference the historical and cultural mood summoned by their vision.  Their craftsmanship of each fixture embodies sensual materials such as marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer, and porcelain.  They are then hand painted brass in the studio to create distinctive and unique fixtures that strive for perfection while capturing beautiful complexities of humanity.  A must see!!

Apure, based out of Germany, has designed sophisticated and specialized products that become the lighting solution for any individual space. In collaboration with Porsche Design Studio, Apure has developed and manufactured its Minus Lines that provide optimal light from the smallest of fixture.

Archistoric was founded in 1923 by Wilmer S. Snow, a lighting designer, who quickly gained recognition for his ingenuitive designs and craftmanship of architectural lighting, during the golden era of architecture in the heart of Chicago.  Throughout the 20th century, Archistoric has compiled a historical archive of over 3000 lighting designs.  Today, this archive acts as inspiration and vision for new contemporary custom handmade lampshades, pendants and fixtures fit for any project that yearns for that historical, timeless beauty. 
“Entrust your next lighting project to our 100 years of lighting expertise.”

Since 2004 the Australian based design studio Articolo, has united art with light to bring forth artisanal craft and quality workmanship to each mouth-blown glass fixture.  Bespoke style collections that bring you timeless beauty and striking elegance to deliver that perfect play on light without losing the artisanal nature integrated into every mouth-blown glass fixture.  Come see the allurement that lies ahead.

Artience Lighitng, is fascinated with creation of unique and exquisite luminaires.  Not only are they beauty by design, their fixtures will enhance a space by providing light, improving health, the environment and general well-being.  Artience Lighting has a goal to develop, design and produce lighting fixtures that can actually help people learn better, be more productive, sleep more soundly and live healthier. Their dedication does note stop there, they also have a full line of sound control fixtures.

“Why just make a light when you can make art?”

ASCENTI Lighting, an evolutionary brand with a desire to align their services with their growing passion for the human-centric lighting aspects of hospitality, architectural, and high-end residential markets.  Ascenti chose their company name to describe their continuous efforts to reach that next level, to pursue higher innovation, to ascend and achieve the unachievable.  Custom in every fashion, no vision is unobtainable, you dream it, together we can bring it to light!

For over 30 years, Atea has been know for working with cutting edge designers to merge technology with aesthetics to bring forth top quality LED strips and fixtures that improve structural lines and redefine any space. 

B-Light, a company that went from manufacturing electronic equipment to a reputable lighting manufacturer spawning ingenious luminaires that are industry leading for quality indoor and outdoor illumination. Working closely with architects, engineers and lighting designers to establish a diverse profile of fixtures that are without exception flawless and suited for any challenging project.

Bomma, taking the traditional Czech glassmaking craft to new dynamic levels by offering unique bespoke fixtures that are sure to become the focal point of any project.  By using high-tech machinery for precise measuring and melting, each piece is then hand crafted to allow the ability for customization and colour blending.  Captivating in creation, step beyond and discover true beauty. 

Founded in 2006, this Czech premium Lighitng brand embraces the craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans to bring forth a truly remarkable, high quality hand blown glass fixtures.  Brokis combines hand blown glass with other refined materials to push the boundaries of contemporary design, having a portfolio that features modern decorative lighting fixture while providing unique lighting solutions fit for any project.  Come see how Brokis can enhance your next project. 

Canadian Company

Eklipse Architectural Lighting – Founded in Montreal, a Canadian manufacturer specializing in commercial display lighting and architectural feature lighting with fixtures that are innovative in design and can be tailor made to suit your projects requirements.

Intra Lighting, a manufacturer established in 1989 that has become internationally recognized for their performance luminaires, smart technology and chic design.  Whether looking to enhance architectural detail or make a statement, Intra Lighting fixtures are sophisticated yet timeless to become your prominent lighting solution.

“Try them and dare to fall in love.” – Intra Lighting

Since 1984, Jokerlight (ARKOSLighting in Europe) has been committed to creating an enormous range of lighting solutions, providing ethereal elements that transform your spaces to reveal true beauty and character.  Light is an essential aspect of our lives, Jokerlight strives to bring light into dark places through innovation and cutting edge technology that boasts outstanding designs, with care for the details to produce exceptional luminaires.
“Light the soul, we are the body”

Kooij was founded in 2009 by Dirk van der Kooij in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Utilizing many recycles products such as Discarded CDs, leather sofas, kitchen appliances, chocolate moulds, and diseased wood to create fixtures with rich textural and structural fodder.  Following a specific process that allows each fixture to be uniquely formed by the use of in house-developed presses, robots, and extruders to shape the distinctive identity of the Kooij collection.  Truly bespoke in nature, each fixture is classified as one of a kind!

As a progressive company in LED lighting, LedNer embraces and finds value in differences to design a unique bespoke product line with cutting edge technology.  Through innovation and intelligent design, Lednar has created a line that has taken the classic look of Halogen Bulbs to bring you an LED fixture that is sophisticated and truly remarkable, tailored for your specifications.


Luce 5 – The LightMakers have designed a lighting line that allows light to be efficient and perfectly integrated into any environment.  From customization, design, engineering to manufacturing top quality fixtures and systems that will shine light on any indoor or outdoor lighting project. 

Over 30 years of dedication to working with lighting design professionals, Lucent is a renowned manufacturer of downlight and track lighting within the architectural community.
Lucent has also diversified their lines by implementing new fixtures including outdoor spotlights, linear profiles, surface, pendant and in wall fixtures.

Canadian Company

LumenTruss, a groundbreaking Canadian manufacturer with an unprecedented profile, that has the lighting community turning heads.  From their customizable extrusions to their idiosyncratic luminaires, LumenTruss fixtures produce lustrous, luminous output while adding an alluring appearance to any space or design. 
LumenTruss strays from the ordinary to bring you products that are astonishing and truly remarkable. 

Based out of southern Florida, Luminoso is focused on manufacturing a variety of energy efficient LED lighting products suited for commercial and industrial lighting applications.  Praised for their quality LED technology and white glove customer service, let Luminoso help bring your project to light!

A Colorado based manufacturer specializing in all areas of lighting design and fabrication, creating products from your vision and bringing them to light.  Producing shades and lenses from glass, plastic and/or fabric, Lumos is well versed in working with all types of metals and finishes to help create that perfect custom fixture, designed and imagined by you.  Let’s see what we can create together.

Lumux Lighting is a California based luminaire manufacturer that has been crafting exterior luminaries for over 30 years. A company founded by an accomplished engineer, Lumux has made it their mission to manufacture first class Architectural Luminaires with superior functionality. 

Renowned for their innovative technology, Modular Lighting Instruments has been making waves since 1980 when it comes to architectural lighting.  Each product family, allows you to create designs with multiple applications through modularity, giving you endless possibilities that challenge your thinking.  Breaking the boundaries of technological limitations, Modular Lighting will not only enhance your project, it will bring your exceptional vision to light!!
“The word is Modular, Architectural Lighting with Attitude!”

Mojo Illumination Is a Colorado based manufacturer of quality linear products, with style and architectural appeal. Their unique use of colour and integration of Wood, in their fixture designs, make them stand out above the crowd. 

Domenico Neri, an artist, sculptor and attentive observer and interpreter of the aesthetic and functional demands of cities, founded Neri in 1962.  Through innovation and technological research, Neri has provided outstanding excellence in high-end outdoor furniture and lighting systems that will not only stand the test of time, but improve and enhance your site designs.  Neri’s offerings span from its traditional cast-iron decorative forms to their award-winning contemporary designs, with similar atheistic throughout their product line allowing for a cohesive and harmonious site plan. 

Come see the beauty of Neri.

Number 8 Lighting –  Based out of California, world renowned in the architectural lighting community as one of the leading manufacturers for precision downlighting.  Patented stunning design that brings you customizable features, innovative engineering and easy installation. Perfect illumination is easily obtained by offering a variety of retrofittable lamp modules with magnetic trim plates allowing for easy access to lamps and housings which makes Number 8 Lighting the perfect downlighting solution for any project!

One A is a Denmark based company that has made strives to integrate unique lighting elements to design flexible, smart and multifunctional fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing and bring visual harmony to any project.  Made from only the finest materials with handcrafted details provide beautiful ambient light with a homogeneous effect.

Canadian Company

Omega – Canadian manufactured, high performance LED Downlights, offering style discretion and flexibility with a wide selection of interchangeable trims and accessories.  Directional light that perfectly highlights surroundings while producing a CRI of 90 with a glare-control reflector design.  

In the heart of Brooklyn’s waterfront, Pelle was founded by partners Jean and Oliver Pelle in 2011.  Bespoke in nature, as each piece is handcrafted to order, integrating artistic expression with architectural integrity, to offer one of a kind, hand produced, professionally refined pieces. A work of art, brought to light.

Based out of Rhode Island, PMC Lighting is a family owned and operated manufacturer of high quality Lighting fixtures. Since 1991, PMC Lighting has earned a reputation for their innovative design, quality craftsmanship and creative adaptability.  All fixture designs are engineered, fabricated, assembled, packaged and shipped from North America, making them a true US producing manufacturer.  PMC Lighting has been defined as a leading Lighting solutions provider when it comes to all your commercial, institutional and health care lighting needs.

Radiant, and innovative architectural lighting manufacturer that have become the leading luminaire design consultant when being tasked with complex lighting problems, no matter the shape or size.  Radiant luminaires are designed to be flexible and adjustable, but also discreet and often concealed providing an astonishing lighting effect that captures beauty and enhances architecture.

Sabin is the very first acoustic lighting company ever founded.  Based out of Chicago, Sabin has assembled a team of engineers and designers with lighting and acoustic backgrounds to design superior acoustic-lighting products, tailored for any project.  Intuitive design with curated colours and materials, Sabin products are aesthetically pleasing and provide exceptional performance giving you confidence and a variety of choice options fit for any design.

For over three decades, STENG LICHT has worked closely within the lighting community to bring you a range of customized, handcrafted luminaires to create an everlasting touch to an interior project.

Canadian Company

These customizable Fire Rated Drywall profiles are designed to work in conjunction with a wide array of linear architectural products. In an era of fine lines, trimless drywall installations and strict fire codes, we needed an easier way to bring it all together. The Groove, does just that!

Vanilla is a North American lighting company that is dedicating itself to the cost conscious design of modern architectural fixtures. 

As one of the Brands imported by the Lighting Group Network, Vanilla has been positioned to fill the needs of the Architectural and Design Communities.

Viabizzuno is an Italian based manufacturer that is unparalleled in the design and manufacturing of each fixture.

“We make the culture of light and we create wellbeing through the light.”

Canadian Company

The Visionz Team have been taking part in the creation of custom fixtures, art piece installations, and lighting design, for for over 2 decades, dating back to pre 2010. In that time we have had the opportunity to work along side some of the industry leading designers and fabricators.

Allow our team to guide you through the process of custom solutions creations and help your team in #BringingConceptsToLight