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Passionate for all things that are bespoke, Agency Custom has become a leading fabrication resource for all within the lighting community. Our partnership brings great extension to the reaches of our brands. The innate ability to take your lighting design ideas and unveils something remarkable.  From design to fabrication, installation and beyond Agency Custom and Visionz are with you at every turn.  Create something extraordinary and custom for your next project.

For over 30 years, Atea has been know for working with cutting edge designers to merge technology with aesthetics to bring forth top quality LED strips and fixtures that improve structural lines and redefine any space. 

B-Light, a company that went from manufacturing electronic equipment to a reputable lighting manufacturer spawning ingenious luminaires that are industry leading for quality indoor and outdoor illumination. Working closely with architects, engineers and lighting designers to establish a diverse profile of fixtures that are without exception flawless and suited for any challenging project.

Holectron, based out of Vilnius, Lithuania, strive for perfection when developing their LED strips and Luminaires.  With tunable white options, circadian lighting can be enabled and integrated into any Holectron fixture or LED strip.  With fully encapsulated Products, Holectron can be utilized in any indoor or outdoor application without compromising quality or design.

Ideal Shield was established in 1997 and is a family run company.  With the advancement of todays industries, car chargers and barrier protection bollards are of the utmost importance.

Luce 5 – The LightMakers have designed a lighting line that allows light to be efficient and perfectly integrated into any environment.  From customization, design, engineering to manufacturing top quality fixtures and systems that will shine light on any indoor or outdoor lighting project. 

Over 30 years of dedication to working with lighting design professionals, Lucent is a renowned manufacturer of downlight and track lighting within the architectural community.
Lucent has also diversified their lines by implementing new fixtures including outdoor spotlights, linear profiles, surface, pendant and in wall fixtures.

Lumux Lighting is a California based luminaire manufacturer that has been crafting exterior luminaries for over 30 years. A company founded by an accomplished engineer, Lumux has made it their mission to manufacture first class Architectural Luminaires with superior functionality. 

One A is a Denmark based company that has made strives to integrate unique lighting elements to design flexible, smart and multifunctional fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing and bring visual harmony to any project.  Made from only the finest materials with handcrafted details provide beautiful ambient light with a homogeneous effect.

Radiant, and innovative architectural lighting manufacturer that have become the leading luminaire design consultant when being tasked with complex lighting problems, no matter the shape or size.  Radiant luminaires are designed to be flexible and adjustable, but also discreet and often concealed providing an astonishing lighting effect that captures beauty and enhances architecture.

Vanilla is a North American lighting company that is dedicating itself to the cost conscious design of modern architectural fixtures. 

As one of the Brands imported by the Lighting Group Network, Vanilla has been positioned to fill the needs of the Architectural and Design Communities.

Viabizzuno is an Italian based manufacturer that is unparalleled in the design and manufacturing of each fixture.

“We make the culture of light and we create wellbeing through the light.”